What type of events are Moodiance Photobooths good for?

Any type of gathering really. Corporate Events, conventions, fund raisers, trade shows, launches, office parties, weddings, private events, birthdays, school/university events, holiday functions, etc. If you have an event for the public, our pricing will vary due to the number of guests we may be serving. Just ask us for a custom quote for this type of event.



How much space do you need?

We'd recommend a 10' x 10' x 10' space but it can be bigger or smaller depending on your set-up and what you'd like included. We'd also need a 110-120V 3-prong outlet within a reasonable distance. All of the components are connected internally within the photobooth structure, so on the outside, there is only one AC cord to plug into the wall.



How many people can fit in the booth?

Let's find out together! Since our booths are an open-air design, many more than traditional boxed photobooths, as many as you can squeeze in. It's great for group photos. We think photobooths should be welcoming and fun, not limited to small groups..



How much does it cost?

The price is dependent on various factors such as date, location, how many hours you'd like the booth and enhancements. To receive a  quote fill out our "Contact" form and we'll respond promptly.



How many pictures can we take and how many prints?

You'll have unlimited usage of the booth during your time frame as well as unlimited prints in your choice of sizes 2x6 or 4x6, landscape or portrait.

By unlimited, we mean as many as you and your guests can take during the time.



Can we customize a message or logo on our print?

Absolutely! Customizing or Branding your prints comes with every rental. You can specify your wording, fonts, colors and add any logo you might have.



Do you travel? How much does it cost?

We love to travel! We can service the Triad area easily and for a nominal travel fee, we can go beyond that.



When do you set up and break down the Photobooth? How much does it cost?

Our photobooth is designed to enable quick assembly and disassembly.  Depending on your set-up and what you'd like included, it should take roughly 60 mins.

This is a standard part of our service and will be managed by the Booth Attendant, who will always arrive on site with plenty of time before the start of your event.



What comes with my rental?

With our standard offering, you'll get free delivery, set-up and break-down. You'll get 3 hours of unlimited usage of the booth along with unlimited prints for the duration. You'll get a customized print layout in your choice of print size(2x6 photostrips, 4x6 postcards). You get all sharing features(Text, E-mail), a standard prop box, your Choice Of Backdrop, the red carpet & stanchions and an Attendant to make sure things run smoothly. After the event, you'll receive access to a micro-site gallery where you can download or share every picture taken at your event.



How do I reserve my date?

Simply fill out the "Contact" form and we'll be in touch shortly. A 50% retainer is required to reserve the date with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to your event date.



Can the Photo booth be used outdoors?

Yes, with a few restrictions. We'll need a solid and level surface with a power source nearby, protection from harsh light and weather. We must be indoors if there's any chance of rain.

We can work together to assess how best to make this happen.



Can I choose my backdrop?

We offer a selection of luxury backdrops for you to choose from as part of our standard offering.  You'll have your choice of any of our wonderful backdrops.



Will there be a Booth Attendant?

We provide an expert for each of our engagements to make sure your experience goes as seamlessly as possible. The attendant will deliver, set up, operate and disassemble the photobooth, keep things moving and everyone happy. You only have to worry about having a great event.



Do you provide digital copies of all the pictures taken?

Yes, absolutely. You'll be give access to all of your files, after the event, via our micro-site gallery. You can choose who to share the log-in details with, and/or download every picture taken. If preferred, we can provide you with a thumb drive.



Is the photobooth insured?

Absolutely! Moodiance has professional liability coverage and is State registered.



What if there's idle time?

Idle time allows for you to have the booth at a discounted rate during the times you need it set up and ready at your venue, but not actually running.

We're happy to accommodate idle time but need to cover our personal costs.

An example of idle time could be that you want to split your ‘Booth Time’ over the course of your event. Say, have the booth open for cocktail hour, closed during dinner, then re-opened for the rest of the evening. In this instance, the time in-between the end of session 1 and the start of session 2 would be considered ‘Idle Time’.



Is the booth kid friendly?

Absolutely! We just ask that guardian’s offer some supervision and are on hand to provide any assistance if they need a little booster to be level with the camera. If you’re anticipating a high number of children at your event, let us know – we can easily adjust the height of the booth, it just might mean adults have to get a little low!



Do we need to provide Wi-Fi?

If you intend to use the media sharing features of the booth, yes, we do need a good wi-fi connection. If there's not a good connection, images will be queued and sent when the system is re-connected to Wi-Fi, just after your event.

If you know in advance that Wi-Fi will not be available, we can provide hotspot capability.



Can the booth produce animated GIF's?

As long as the photo run has more than 2 images, your guests can follow the usual process on the touchscreen and then they will be given the choice to see their photo template or see the GIF. 



How does the photobooth work?

It's really simple! Once your guests are ready (props or no props), the process can be kick started from the booth touchscreen. Our booth attendant will give a little advice, if needed, on where to stand and what to expect. Your guests will be able to see themselves on the screen as it counts down from 3 to 2 to 1, allowing them to get into place and strike a pose. Then the flash will go... at that point a photo is taken. The image will be shown on the screen. If you've selected a multi-photo run (say, 3 photos, for your photo template), the process will start over until all images have been captured.

The time in-between photos is often the most fun, sparking guests to get more and more creative for the next shot!

At the end of the run, the collated photo template will be presented on the screen, along with any other pre-selected options. Then your guests are free to enjoy, print and share!



If I choose to have Music At The Photobooth, how does it work?(coming soon)

Quite simply, you tell us which decade of music you'd like to have played and we'll set up two professional speakers on stands and an all-in-one DJ system to auto-play a curated playlist. Music will be at the volume you specify. For a more personalized experience, we can work with you to create your perfect playlist. Although not meant as a replacement for a DJ, if you aren't hiring a DJ and would still like music at your event, our music service can serve as a cost-effective alternative and provide ambient music.



How does social media integration work?

Our booth allows guests to easily share images via SMS and E-Mail. From there, or from the microsite, sharing to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can be completed by selecting the applicable icon. This can all be done from the booth screen itself, so long as a good Wi-Fi connection is available. Unfortunately, some social media sites do not enable instant sharing. Our guests get around this by simply sending the image to themselves via SMS or E-Mail, and take it from there.